Târgu Mureş
21 Sep, Tuesday
8° C

Jozhy K, Corsu si Horea Piper la 180°

Vineri, 3 aprilie,  cu începere de orele 23 un nou party la 180° cu doi protagoniști din Ucraina Jozhy K și Corsu membri Tzinah Records și rezidentul 180 Horea Piper.


JOZHY K (Ukraine) / Tzinah Records

Jozhy K is an amazing DJ, musician and producer, recognized by many European and Western labels. His musical career began back in 2003 when he was a teacher for himself. He would constantly experiment, discover and create something new in the world of Music.

CORSU (Ukraine) / Tzinah Records

Corsu is a newcoming DJ and producer from Ukraine. After DJing at numerous events including his own one in 2013 he began actively produce his own tracks giving to us a unique techno sound.
In 2014 Corsu had published his tracks on well known European labels, such as: Tzinah records, Moral Fiber music, Sakadat records, Leone music, and Moonfire music lab.



Biletele nu vor fi disponibile la intrare. Mai multe informații cu privire la procurarea biletelor găsiți pe pagina de event.

Party on cu 180! 🙂

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